Neymar, Conor McGregor, Messi : December Highlights


Best of the Best

From MMA to Lionel Messi, this month TRACE Sport Stars is dedicated to the Best of the Best. That means the best teams, the best players and the best athletes – all right here on the best TV channel!

Not only do you deserve the best, you also deserve the truth. Tune in to brand new episodes of The Truth About, as well as Clubland and Sport Stars Uncovered – featuring NBA star Dwyane Wade and French No. 1 tennis player Gaël Monfils, while Keanu Reeves gets behind the wheel of a Ferrari!



Jose Mourinho (Getty Image) All rights reserved

Saturdays at 22:05 (CET)

Clubland continues on TRACE Sport Stars throughout December, giving you the latest news and views from the world of football. Get the inside track on José Mourinho’s brief but effective stint at Real Madrid, and Roberto di Matteo’s even shorter tenure at Chelsea. Plus, we go inside Barcelona’s costly battle to secure Brazilian forward Neymar Jr.



McGregor (Getty Images) All rights reserved

Wednesdays at 19:55 (CET)

We promise to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth on TRACE Sport Stars! This month, we track the evolution of Mixed Martial Arts, from historical Karate vs Muay Thai fights to the global phenomenon it is today, with MMA stars like Conor “The Notorious” McGregor proving a knock-out draw all over the world. We also reveal The Truth About Rio 2016 and Lionel Messi.

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