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TRACE Sport Stars is hitting the court this June as we pay tribute to the world’s hottest hoop-shooters all month long!

Tip-off takes place every Friday night with a look at some of basketball’s greatest stars, including NBA Championship winners Metta World Peace and Boris Diaw. Plus, we sit down and talk music with the game’s biggest names, as the likes of Derrick Rose and LeBron James reveal their favourite songs and how the melodies have influenced their performances on the court.

Get hyped up and watch that shot clock as the buzzer sounds for another month of action on TRACE Sport Stars!




Boris Diaw © Getty Images

This June on TRACE Sport Stars, the shot clock is counting down every Friday as we celebrate the second most-played sport in the world, basketball! With the playoff finals getting underway this month, we pay tribute to some of the best players ever to grace the court, including Derrick Rose and Metta World Peace, and how they made their mark in the game. Plus, get up close and personal with two of France’s most influential players and hottest stars, Boris Diaw and Nicolas Batum.

Prepare for tip-off every Friday with a slam-dunk session on TRACE this month!

Up Close With: Ron Artest, Friday 2 June at 21:50 (CET)

From living the hard-knock life to becoming NBA champion and a social activist, this is the incredible story of Ron Artest, now known as Metta World Peace.

Up Close With: Nicolas Batum, Friday 9 June at 21:50 (CET)

A special look at Hornets and French international Nicolas Batum like you’ve never seen before.

Up Close With: Boris Diaw, Friday 16 June at 21:50 (CET)

Discover the journey of French international and self-confessed foodie Boris Diaw, who won the NBA Championship with the San Antonio Spurs in 2014.

Up Close With: Stephon Marbury, Friday 23 June at 21:50 (CET)

After an admirable career in the NBA, find out how Stephon Marbury refused to quit and eventually became the greatest foreign player ever to join the Chinese Basketball Association

Music vs sport: Basketball, Friday 30 June at 21:50 (CET)

Get an insight into the musical tastes of basketball’s biggest names, including New York Knicks superstar Derrick Rose, and how it has influenced their careers on the court.




Felipe Massa © Getty Images

Every Saturday, TRACE brings you all the big news and stories from sport’s biggest teams. This month, discover how Felipe Massa returned to Williams, meet the drivers that make up Ferrari’s legendary line-up, and uncover how they plan to battle back against the Mercedes dominance in F1. Plus, find out all you need to know about the New York Yankees with a look at their best ever players, and how the Curse of the Billy Goat plagued the Chicago Cubs for over 70 years.

Saturdays | 22:15 (CET)




Kyrie Irving © Getty Images

Get the inside info this month as TRACE reveals all the biggest scandals in sport. Ty Lawson discovered his new favourite restaurant via Instagram, but what did Kyrie Irving say about the world to cause a Twitter storm? Plus, we take a special look at the Winter Olympics and how it matches up to its summer counterpart. Whether you’ve dominated the medals like Norway or never held one like Togo, you can’t escape the truth!

Wednesdays | 20:00 (CET)




Luis Alberto Suarez Diaz © Getty Images

Following the Russian doping scandal, is it right that clean athletes like Yelena isinbayeva have been tarred with the same brush? And what does the scandal say about records set in the past when tests were less stringent? Plus, while Luis Suarez and other villains dominate the headlines, who will celebrate football’s nice guys? TRACE fans the flames on The Burning Issue this month!

Fridays| 22:15 (CET)

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