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LOVE MONTH: February Highlgihts



Love is in the air this February on TRACE Sport Stars, as we dedicate Friday nights to the most heartwarming romances and explosive break-ups ever to rock the sporting world.

The excitement doesn’t end there, as we take a special look at Conor McGregor’s rags-to-riches story from dominating the Dublin streets to becoming one of the most feared men ever to step inside the octagon. Plus, dare to join us for The Truth About Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s rise to becoming one of the biggest names – and talkers – in football.

With stories and scandals that wouldn’t be out of place in Hollywood, join us for all the drama on TRACE Sport Stars this month.




David and Victoria Beckham (Getty Images) All rights reserved

With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, we’ll be celebrating all things love right here on TRACE Sport Stars! Some players love to play around both on and off the pitch, some are lucky in love and others are just in love with themselves! From football’s greatest couples to their most outrageous break-ups, we’ve got you covered.

Join us every Friday nights for the inside scoop on the biggest romances and scandals from the world of sport!


Top: Loving Mothers – Friday 3rd at 22:50 (MYT)
A special look at some of the world’s greatest athletes who made the decision to have a child mid-career.


Love vs Sport: Love vs Pets – Friday 3rd at 23:15 (MYT)
Discover the softer side of the world’s most intimidating athletes, including how Mike Tyson is as crazy about his tigers as he was in the ring.


Love vs Sport: Love vs Signs – Friday 10th at 23:15 (MYT)
According to astrology, everything happens for a reason. So was Tiger Woods’ marriage always doomed to fail? And were Posh and Becks destined to be the world’s favourite couple from the beginning?


Love vs Sport: Love vs Scandals – Friday 17th at 21:15 (MYT)
A showcase of the most outrageous reveals ever to surface from the private lives of sport’s biggest stars, including the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, Kobe Bryant and Tiger Woods.


Top: Football Sex Scandals – Friday 17th at 23:15 (MYT)
A countdown of football’s most explosive, shocking bedroom scandals of all time! Which soccer star will be number 1?


Star Rated: Bachelorettes – Friday 24th at 23:15 (MYT)
The hidden lives of sporting champions are thrown under the spotlight, as we find out who the richest and most desirable single female stars really are.




Jürgen Klopp (Getty Images) All rights reserved

Every Saturday, TRACE continues to bring you all the latest news from the rollercoaster world of football. This month, take an inside look at the love-hate relationship between Juan Mata and José Mourinho, Atlético Madrid’s quest to end the Spanish dominance of Barcelona and Real Madrid, and discover how Jürgen Klopp’s football philosophy changed the game forever.

Saturdays at 22:05 (CET)




Conor McGregor (Getty Images) All rights reserved

Fight Stars is back for another knockout round and bringing you a closer look at all the stars of MMA and boxing, without having to be in the ring with them! This month we follow the story of Conor McGregor, who has risen to the top of the fighting world by calling himself the best and then backing it up on the octagon. Love him or hate him, there isn’t a bigger fight star than ‘The Notorious’!

Thursdays at 22:05 (CET)

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