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In the words of Beyoncé, girls are running the world of TRACE Sport Stars this March! Every Friday night we’ll pay tribute to the likes of Serena Williams and Ronda Rousey as we showcase the world’s greatest, most inspiring female athletes, how they captured the hearts and minds of a generation.

In addition, we’ll be looking back at how Jose Mourinho and Arsene Wenger became two of football’s biggest rivals, plus The Truth About Diego Maradona, whose career was flooded with amazing highs and disastrous lows.

With rags-to-riches stories and incredible rises to superstardom, be sure to tune in to TRACE Sport Stars for all the excitement this month!



Simone Biles and Gabby Douglas (Getty Images) All rights reserved

It’s a female Friday fiesta on TRACE Sport Stars this month as we showcase the wonder women who turned the sporting world upside-down and became household names. From record-breaking athletes to the history-making moments, we’ll be showing them all.

Join us every Friday night as the girls takeover and run the world of TRACE Sport Stars this month!

TOP: Female Role Models – Friday 3rd at 19:55 (CET)
A special look at some of the world’s greatest athletes who made the decision to have a child mid-career.

TOP: First Girls to Have – Friday 10th at 19:55 (CET)
Ronda Rousey was the first woman to be signed to the UFC, and went on to change the face of mixed martial arts. Here are some of the incredible women who broke records and made history.

TOP: Influential Women – Friday 17th at 19:55 (CET)
Would LeBron James be a champion without the motivation of his mother? We profile the women who inspired future sport stars to follow in their footsteps.

The Truth About: Women in Sport – Friday 24th at 19:55 (CET)
An insight into the impact of famous female wins in sport, and a look at where Serena Williams ranks on the list of greatest ever tennis champions.

TOP: Early Talents – Friday 31st at 20:00 (CET)
These child prodigies ruled the sporting world from an early age, including Martina Hingis’ tennis takeover at just 16 years old.



Michael Vick(Getty Images) All rights reserved

Get the inside scoop on the sporting world with TRACE Sport Stars this month. Money talks, as we dish the dirt on Babe Ruth’s financial home run and how Michael Vick literally threw his riches to the dogs. Plus, an in-depth look at some of the greatest coaches ever, and what it takes to create a star.

Saturdays at 22:05 (CET)



Diego Maradona (Getty Images) All rights reserved

Each Saturday, TRACE brings you all the big news and stories from the footballing world. This month, discover the quality behind Napoli’s Ultimate XI, headlined by none other than ‘The Golden Boy’ Diego Maradona, find out how Chelsea’s rise to the forefront of English football established a heated rivalry with Arsenal, and get all the info on the Nou Camp, Barcelona’s home stadium since 1957.

Saturdays at 22:05 (CET)

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