Originally from Rwanda, MK Isacco is passionate about afrobeat, dancehall and rnb. A true autodidact, he turns to afrobeat and choose to sing his songs in Swahili and Kinyarwanda. Surrounded by a family and friends with a musical ear, he begins by accompanying them and then very quickly developing the desire to create his own tracks.


On the discovery on the single NONAHA (, which invites you to live in the present moment and to forget your worries. MK ISACCO is currently preparing his first album with the titles CHEZA (, UKO UBIKORA ( and URAMPAGIJE ( which have more than 500k views on Youtube.The latest MK ISACCO clip, URAMPAGIJE ( watch? v = 5K2Ow3-ANxM), was the result of hard work and relentless determination. The visuals are worked and subtly represent the DNA of the music. As a young freelance artist, MK ISACCO had to face a lot of difficulties to approve to overcome each day.


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