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Coming this fall : DREAM Exclusive trailer

“Dream: The Urban Musical” is a scripted web-series that follows the lives of young adults trying to reach their dreams.

Chase Smith (Siergio) is an aspiring actor, hopeful and hungry to make it big, who finds himself between a rock and a crazy place. He is ambitious, talented and though he is an alpha male to perfection…he’s got ‘female-problems’.

Tracy (Jameelah Mullen), his mother is a recovering heroin addict. An addict since he was nine, and has recently been released from rehab…again. Tracy attempts to mend the family she once abandoned out in the cold as she hunted for that ‘Snow’.

Ava (Ayanna) is a failed recording artist to tried to make it big in NYC and if sex were a drug, then Tracy is her secret addiction.

Julia (Olivia Crosby) situation. Julia, who is Chase’s self-appointed girlfriend, conspires to get Chase to put a ring on. She’s fiance-focused, baby-mama-ready and has made her way ever so close to diverting Chase off course.