Multimedia Designer Intern Wanted: TRACE Southern Africa

Internship programme duration: 6 months
Deadline for CVs & portfolios (digital or link): 15 April 2019
CV & Portfolio submissions to be sent to:
Start Date: 02 May 2019


This position tells our communities’ stories by creating, producing and delivering short, highly shareable videos about Afro-Urban culture. Must be an active consumer of web videos as well as a proven creator of videos that build an audience. Must be willing to offer shooting and editing. You will be assisting TRACE’s multimedia designer


Required Education, Experience and Skills:  

Visual Communication, Journalism, Graphic Design, Multimedia Design, Art Graphic Design, Web Design, or a related field or equivalent experience that demonstrates great visual storytelling skills.

Minimum of 1 year of recent experience in video, graphic design or multimedia development. Required Experience in posting to the web and meta-data tagging

Strong web, video, and multimedia authoring skills and emerging technologies 

Proficiency in Adobe Creative Cloud including Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, InDesign, audio and Premiere Pro. Adobe XD experience is advantageous.

Dexterous with professional audio gear and setups.

Self-starter and a multi-tasker Demonstrated ability to manage and meet production timelines

Understanding the imperatives of multiple platforms – print, mobile, digital, etc.

Mastery of social media and digital interaction. Understand short and long-form narrative structures.

Experience with multiple screen formats (desktop, mobile, etc.)

Duties and Responsibilities: Responsible for conceptualizing short and impactful ideas with an eye for audience engagement.

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