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Nasty C: The Goldfather Has Entered The Building

Last week AXE announced The Coolest Kid in Africa; Nasty C as their Gold Father. They wanted to bring in someone relatable and who is not afraid to be “Real” with his people. During the day Nasty C was joined by 6 AXE activists where they worked on a graffiti piece. The launch was an overall art experience which spoke to the message of expressing yourself.

When asked what he wanted to achieve in his role as the Gold Father the rapper said he aimed to teach confidence and acceptance of self:

“Teaching them confidence, teaching them how to be good men, show respect to women, not be afraid to be vulnerable at times, be real at all times, accept themselves for who they are 100% and not try to have a front or a cover-up just to look all macho and to always go for their goals. Teaching them just that.”



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