TOP 10 Freestyle Earth athletes

Welcome to the show that counts down the TOP 10 Freestyle Earth athletes, the most thrill seeking, determined and extreme sports people on the planet.

From skateboards to mountain bikes to motor bikes, there’s never a dull moment with these dare-devils about.

We will be skating, grinding, running, revving and pedaling our way through the most buzz addicted adrenaline junkies on the planet. Who would your best extreme sportsperson be?

Whoever it is, they would be in good company in this archive of adrenaline addicts!


When: on Friday December 8th 

  • 06:55 pm at London Time
  • 07:55 pm at Paris time
  • 08:55 pm at Buccharest time
  • 09:00 pm at Jakarta time
  • 09:00 pm at Mexico time



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