Who are the bad boys of the sporting world?

From Zlatan to Suarez or Mike Tyson say hello to the guys who weren’t afraid to break the rules and cause a bit of trouble… even if it could mean an early end to their sporting careers!

Gambling, drinking, fighting, sex scandals… we will see them all and more in this top 20 countdown of the naughtiest boys in the sporting arena! Guys, say goodbye to that Sports Personality of the Year Award and hello to controversy, shame and even prison… and you can’t say you didn’t bring it on yourselves!

When: Wednesday January 24th 2018

  • 07:55 pm Paris time
  • 06:55 pm London time
  • 08:55 Buccharest time
  • 09:00 pm Mexico time
  • 09:00 pm Jakarta time


Where: on Trace Sport Stars

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