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Johannesburg, Tuesday, 7 December 2021 – Tey Teh, an onomatopoeia served as a Nguni siren for one being in trouble and getting a hiding, has animated South African childhoods for eons, and it is in this nostalgic spirit that Majesty Music signee ZuluMoney reintroduces himself to the music industry with a joint project with former bandmate, Busiswa, led by their debut single “Tey Teh”.

Tey Teh takes us back to the childhood memories when one would get singled out by the other kids once one is in trouble, whether you broke a window, or one of the youngest kids amongst you cried because they got hurt, one knew that a beating from an elder was on the verge of taking place.

ZuluMoney and Busiswa have come to shake the music industry with similar intentions, as they are not here to play around, they are bringing the fire and causing some trouble.

“It’s great to reunite with Busiswa on Tey Teh. This is just the beginning of what the world can expect from us. We hope everyone enjoys Tey Teh as much as we did making it,” shares ZuluMoney.

“I’m extremely excited about the music video coming out at the same time as the song because that’s not something that normally happens. We shot the video in Ghana during the hard lockdown so we conquered a lot of challenges just to be able to make that video and it looks crisp, it looks clean, it looks fresh and we’re so happy that MTV Base did the premiere. From here on we are planning to keep the hits coming, keep the bangers coming and keep the clean and fresh music videos coming,” expresses Busiswa.

You can stream or download ZuluMoney and Busiswa’s Tey Teh here:

Watch the Tey Teh music video now –

Hailing from Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, the Producer and Rapper utilizes his production skills to grow Majesty Music (Busiswa’s Label) whilst carving himself into a household brand within the entertainment industry as he prepares to release a joint EP with Busiswa in the New Year titled, “Twin Flame”.

Follow the duo on social media for more on the road to their joint EP release and stream or download Tey Teh today –

Connect with ZuluMoney:

Facebook: @ZulumoneyRSA

Twitter: @KingSqwayi

Instagram: @zulumoney_RSA

Connect with Busiswa:

Facebook: @Busiswa

Twitter: @busiswaah

Instagram: @busiswaah

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