Yannick Noah says “doping should be legal”

Yannick Noah has sparked controversy. In an opinion piece published in French daily « Le Monde », the best-loved French personality didn’t mince his words when discussing the current physical superiority of Spanish athletes. For him, Spaniards are the best because they take performance-enhancing drugs. To be able to keep up, Yannick Noah believes everyone has to start doing drugs.

His article sparked furore, especially in Spain. Barcelona coach Josep Guardiola asked the 1983 winner of Roland Garrros to provide proof to support his statements and Rafael Nadal said Noah’s accusations were « stupid and childish ». The president of the Spanish basketball federation said Noah was simply jealous.

But his own camp didn’t spare him either since Patrice Dominguez, the former technical director of the French tennis federation asked whether Noah was planning on handing his son a syringe, considering his suggestion to legalise doping.

One thing’s for sure, Yannick Noah has made a fair few new enemies with this controversy.

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