Rapper/producer Wyclef Jean is shedding some light on the details of his new, yet-to-be-titled memoir. Clef says the book will be the first of a series and will undoubtedly explore his rise to fame with fellow Fugees Lauryn Hill and Pras. “In the first book, there’s no way that I can’t mention The Fugees because that was done inside of the basement in my uncle’s house and that plays a crucial part of the Wyclef Jean story, period,” he said according to a sohh.com report.

Clef also hopes his story will enlighten readers on his journey from Haitian immigrant to world-renowned artist. “Coming from where I came from and being one of the only Haitian entertainers to make it where I’ve made it to, I think when people read the memoir they will better learn the story,” Clef explained.

It Books, an imprint of Harper Collins, announced the collaboration with Wyclef in October. The book, which will be fleshed out with Rolling Stone writer Anthony Bozza, will cover his childhood life, musical career and philanthropic work among other topics.

Wyclef is also preparing the release of his upcoming album. The Haitian artist is working on a new 13-track ‘EP’ featuring guests including Timbaland, Cyndi Lauper and Eve. The effort, entitled “From The Hut To The Projects To The Mansion,” is scheduled to be released in the USA on November 10.

Written by Shaira Brereton

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