World Cup: Tim Howard recalls Secretary of Defense after the game against Belgium!

Tuesday night, USA did its last game of the competition. After 120 minutes, Belgium won the game against American team. But its goalkeeper, Tim Howard, distinguished himself and realized the best game of his career. With 16 blocks, he kicks the last World Cup record. Thanks to that, his Wikipedia web page was changed and now you can see on it ” Secretary of Defense of United States of America”.

Indeed, since yesterday night, He receives a lot of congratulations. On Twitter, some photo making appeared on the web where we can see Howard like a hero in many situations. A White House petition to rename the Washington Reagan National Airport, the Tim Howard Airport was launched. American supporters show us how to love football, ironic for a country renowned for its love of basketball, base-ball and US football.

Here, a selection of the best MEME:

tim howard forever

— nick pants (@nick_pants) 1 Juillet 2014

Ned Stark #ThingsTimHowardCouldSave #GameOfThrones @FootballFunnys

— Memento (@ja1m3lucky) 2 Juillet 2014


— Jayson Hobby (@jaysonhobby) 2 Juillet 2014


— Joe Stark (@joetstark) 2 Juillet 2014

#ThingsTimHowardCouldSave Gustavo Fring.

— Matthew (@MATT_MCFC119) 2 Juillet 2014

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