World cup: Luis Suarez begins a sex toy!

To bite an opponent in middle of a game isn’t fair-play and Luis Suarez learnt it. In another context this situation could take another turn and could be little more erotic. This idea was developed by a Swedish company, Oliver & Eva, which made the first sex toy with the face of the Uruguayan striker. For only 299 Swedish Krona (44 US dollars), you can get the precious thing which looks like two boob clips linked with a chain! The Suarez jawbone will move from Chiellini’s shoulder to any cheekiest boobs!

In a press release, the CEO of the company, Tobias Lundqvist said “May be [Suarez] will be proud to spread pleasure and love, despite his fault”. Swedish creatives give us another view on soccer. Before that, they proposed another product which wore Hammarby club colors, one of the most famous Swedish soccer clubs.

The pressure bite is adjustable so the futures users of the Suarez product, who will play at home, will avoid some red cards and extended suspension.

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