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The partnership between Women In Music and TRACE continues and this time, we’re bringing you the opportunity to let loose as we celebrate those women who have inspired us to express our power and talent. The question is, ‘Who are you channelling this Women’s month?’. Whether you are unleashing your inner Sasha Fierce or feeling like you are every woman and it’s all in you; We want you to bring that to the party!

The virtual event will be happening Live on Zoom and on social media on 9 August 2021 at 18h00 in honour of Women’s Day in South Africa. It is part of the steps in promoting gender equality and women’s visibility in the country and the entertainment industry. The event also sees TRACE launch their Gender Equality Track, which came to life after a call was sent out to musicians to submit their audition clips to stand a chance to be a member of the team that brings the song to life. 

Incredible acts will be a part of this groundbreaking experience that is not to be missed. This is for the women breaking boundaries and taking up space, it is for the Sheroes, the visionaries and the girls who just want to have fun and the men that support their equality. The aim is to inspire, capacitate one another and let loose. 


Follow Trace @tracesouthafrica and Women in Music South Africa @wimsouthafrica for all the details. See you there!


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