Wiz Khalifa: stolen picture of his last conquest make their round on the web?

The ‘We Dem Boys’ rapper is going to make the front page of every tabloid again, but it is not his fault this time, or almost not! His ex girlfriend Deelishis just saw her sexy half-naked pictures leaked all over the net, and she declares that those cliché were only taken for WizWiz, who broke up with Amber Rose at the end of 2014, has seen himself in many cases with prostitutes and porn actresses; and his name is mentioned again today. Many celebrities reportedly fell victim to the infamous iCloud hack, and now reality tv star Deelishis claims she is the latest on the list. Her “private” selfies can be found all over the web, and when everybody asked who the woman was; she said that those clichés were taken for Wiz Khalifa! Did she really got hacked or did she put her pictures online by herself just to create some buzz around her? She answered to her haters with a selfie on her Instagram account with the caption “When you pretend to be UNBOTHERED!”.Later, she posted a video, in which she maintains that the pics were intended for one man’s eyes only: “Ouch, I’m sorry guys had to see what was meant for one mans eyes only! I do not believe the gentleman I was involved with would have released private pics of me, cause as many as he has of me, I have of him… Nevertheless the pics are quite old as most of you know I’ve had much needed breast augmentation 2 ½ years ago! If I was going to leak my own pics, I would’ve leaked current pics with my new boob job, not those tribal tit pics! Let’s not pretend you don’t know any women who have sent pics to her dude ! It’s mine today, could be yours tomorrow!”.

Do you think that Deelishis leaked her pictures by herself ?

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