Wiz Khalifa, Dr. Dre, Snoop, Kid Cudi: happy 4/20 from hip-hop’s biggest stoners!

The 4/20 (pronounced Four-Twenty) is the gathering of all cannabis smokers in North America. Indeed, every 4/20 each year at 4.20pm, it is legal to smoke pot in public. It’s by hundreds and hundreds that they gather in parks in the United States and Canada to smoke together without fear of retaliation by the police. Today is the perfect day to listen to the music of some of hip hop’s biggest stoners. TRACE has gathered for you a list of some of them:Wiz Khalifa
He is THE biggest smoker in the music record industry with 80 joints a day! He even agreed to give his name to a variety of weed, the “Khalifa Kush” to a California distributor. He receives every month, a free stock of weed. On 4/20, two years ago, the interpreter of “Rolling Papers” had posted a video on YouTube in which he gives his top 5 things needed to smoke a joint. Sure, between Wiz and cannabis, it’s all about love. He also received the award for the most stoned rapper in 2012, the “Stoner of the Year”.

Dr. Dre
Cannabis has a long history, and it turned out well since the start. But when we talk about it, we can only start by naming the famous “The Chronic” album by Dre. Indeed, it is him who made this variety of weed famous in the world.

Snoop Dogg
How not to mention Snoop Dogg? The American rapper was, before the arrival of Wiz Khalifa, THE biggest smoker in the industry. As a compulsive smoker, he has his own Internet Talk Show where he chats and smokes with his guests. It’s impossible not to see him without a blunt. He even recently invested in an application to deliver Cannabis to your home.

Kid Cudi
The rapper is known to smoke weed anywhere at anytime. In his video clip “Marijuana,” the Kid smokes joints in his apartment, before a concert, later in the street, with some friends, in short, everywhere. But if he was a solid “stoner”, he said he stopped smoking to focus on his career. At 28 years and the father of a little girl, Kid Cudi is no longer a child.

Method Man and Redman
Those two men are probably the two most weed’s lovers in the world. Their explicit titles like “How to roll a blunt” or “Looking Fly” prove it, and the pair went so far to play in the movie “How High” in which Method Man grows marijuana with magical properties. When they make an appearance, they often have a joint in their mouths, red eyes and are completely high.

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