Wiz Khalifa & Amber Rose: did he get Deelishis pregnant?

As you learned this week thanks to TRACE, Wiz Khalifa and his ex wife Amber Rose are finally reconciled after months of clashes and insults on social networks. But the road for peace is still a long way since a new situation might ruin everything. During the break between Amber and Wiz, the latter had an affair with Deelishis, a model, and she would be… pregnant. Amber and Wiz’s son Sebastian may have a brother-in-law, and Amber grits his teeth…Amber and Wiz have been fighting for months in order to keep their marriage out of the tsunami for the balance of their 2 year old son Sebastian. While the couple reconciled during the Easter holiday and managed to spend the day in family, it seems that stability is not for today’s agenda. A news has just disturbed the tranquility of the former couple: Wiz would have apparently gotten Chandra Davis, a 37 year old model also known by the nickname Deelishis, pregnant. This is enough to break Amber’s dream to rebound her family with Wiz and Sebastian.Wiz and Amber split up because the rapper cheated on her with another woman. If the story between Wiz and Deelishis is true, it would be a huge slap right into Amber’s face. A source close to the model confided: “[Deelishis] really cares about Wiz, they’re good friends above everything. So [now that she’s pregnant], she’s not trying to put him out there or anything. Of course she wants him in the baby’s life, but she’s not trying to get famous over it.”Do you think that Wiz really got Deelishis pregnant?

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