Will Beyonce covers “One in a million”?

You all know the website Facebook, which can be cool if you want to find some old friends or to make friend.
But it can be uncool if your name is Beyonce and if you want to cover Aaliyah’s Smash hit single One in a million.
You’re facing a movement coming from all places!

Yes, online groups have assembled with one common goal: to stop Beyonce from covering Aaliyah‘s hit single “One in a Million”.

One group on Facebook called “Stop Beyonce from Covering Aaliyah’s One in a Million!!!” is over 6,500 members strong with new members signing up everyday.

As proves, those comments left by members on the communautary website below:

Name: Stop Beyonce from Covering Aaliyah’s One in a Million!!!
Type: Music – R&B & Soul
Description: I Thought it was a joke at first but it is 100% TRUE!!!

– Beyonce wants to cover One in a Million!! I am sorry she is a decent singer but this is Aaliyah’s tune everyone knows it

– “Beyonce WILL RUIN IT!!!”

– “Hopefully we can get enough people against it maybe she will think twice not record it and write something which is not already a CLASSIC!!!”

– “Just face it the original is the best!”

– “Aaliyah’s One in A Million was called that because that’s what the album & song was and still is!!”


Sorry Beyonce, but Aaliyah’s fans seem to take it seriously!


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