Will Andy Murray win Olympic gold?

Andy Murray is gearing up for the Olympics on his doorstep and believes the raucous support from the home crowd will help lead him and his team mates to glory.

Murray recently remarked “With the Olympics being in London the whole country is gonna be behind all the British athletes. It gives you an extra lift, you wanna do better and being around a team of 450 athletes you want to win medals.”

Andy’s tearful speech after his loss to Roger Federer in the Wimbledon final just weeks before the games showed the public a new side to the fiery Scot who has a rep for being too serious and dull. The tennis player commented “I’ve always been very emotional, I just try not to show it in front of the cameras, in front of millions of people, its pretty uncomfortable at the time when you can’t control your emotions in front of everybody watch, but if I get close to winning medals or winning the Olympics I wouldn’t be surprised if there was some emotions.”

What subject is always guaranteed to bring a tear to Andy’s eye? Dogs, Murray is a big fan of man’s best friend, he recently visited Battersea dogs’ home, a shelter for abandoned cats and dogs in London and found it hard to resist leaving with some new pets. Murray mentioned “I didn’t pick up a new puppy. I love dogs, I’ve got two Border Terriers. It was very sad, but also very interesting. It was really, really difficult not to pick up another dog, I was maybe gonna go back again, but I knew I was gonna end up getting a dog, and I just can’t do it right now.”

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