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Why you need to follow Dj Khaled’s son Asahd on Instagram

Few expressions are more tender than the love a father has for his son. Depending on your background and upbringing, that declaration can take many forms from the silent acknowledgment, to playing catch, to a father saying outright, “Son, I love you.”

But if you’re DJ Khaled’s son, that love is shared the same way Khaled shares all of his feelings—with the whole world. You might think Dj Khaled is ridiculous with his inspirational sermonizing and never-ending lifestyle updates, but the way his social media obsession manifested with the love for his son is pretty special.

But here are 5 reason why you need to be following this inspirational toddler !

1. He’s met Rihanna

2. He chills with Kevin Hart and Justin Bieber

3. He chills on movies sets, like Pitch Perfect 3

4. He already flies on private jets

ATL IM HERE !! Wit my daddy !!! #GRATEFUL

A post shared by Asahd Tuck Khaled (@asahdkhaled) on


I'm available for listening sessions 🦁🎼

A post shared by Asahd Tuck Khaled (@asahdkhaled) on

Case closed.

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