Which team celebs will support for Chelsea – PSG tonight?

Champions League second leg between PSG and Chelsea tonight will not be only a battle of football stars on the pitch. Many stars will also be watching their TV hoping their favourite team will win. Let’s check celebs rosters for both teams!



Before he is a Chelsea fan, Drizzy is a Didier Drogba’s fan. This is mainly the reason why we saw him few years ago wearing Blues sweatshirt at Stamford Bridge. He even trained a bit with John Terry and Ashley Cole. But Drake also showed up with Manchester Utd and Manchester City outfits! If Chelsea wins tonight, maybe he will make his final decision..

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Lil Wayne

Many years ago, Lil Wayne went on stage wearing Chelsea tracksuit. But at that time he also said his favourite player was Ronaldinho. Maybe someone should tell Wayne about Eden Hazard

Justin Bieber

We are talking about a time when Justin has no tattoo and a perfect little boy’s haircut. A time when he trained with Chelsea and took a selfie with Frank Lampard. But also a time when he did the same with Barcelona FC. So as Drizzy, you must pick your team Justin!


JAY Z & Beyoncé

In USA, Jay and Bee are often spotted along NBA courts but in Europe the only soccer game they attended to was in Paris for Barcelona clash at the end of 2014. The king couple was sat next to David Beckham who acted as a “soccer translator”. It’s true that during this night, Jigga and Queen B looked a bit lost.

Kevin Durant

Back in 2013, NBA star Kevin Durant took a selfie with PSG shirt close to Eiffel Tower.

David Beckham

As a former PSG player, David Beckham will supporter his last team tonight. But even though he was born in London, the Spice Boy never been a Blues fan. His preference goes to West Ham since his childhood.

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