Waka Flocka pissed in his shoe while drunk

Waka Flocka recently recalled the craziest night of his life. At age 18 it was Flocka’s first time drinking Jose Cuervo tequila, the alcoholic beverage made him so intoxicated that he apparently saw roaming leprechauns while at a skating ring. The rapper failed to find a bathroom and decided to piss in his shoe instead, then put it back on his foot.

Flockavelli explained the experience in a recent interview, according to HipHopDX, “My wildest party night ever. My first time I ever drank Cuervo Gold. I was like 18. That shit right there had me so fucked up. We was in a skating ring called Golden Block on the East side. I was so drunk, I swear to God I thought I’d seen leprechauns and shit. I had to pee, so I took my shoe off, pissed in my sneaker and put my fuckin’ shoe back on. I didn’t even know it. I was with a girl too, so I come back and I’m like, damn, somebody pissed. She’s like, ‘Baby, you pissed!’ My foot felt wet. I was like, oh. That shit was crazy. I never drank Cuervo Gold to this day.”

Watch the embarrassing interview below, video via Vibe.

David Woodson

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