Vick is the most disliked American athlete

And the most hated athlete in the United States is Michael Vick. The American footballer arrived in first place of a poll about the most disliked athletes in the United States. Talk about an unpopularity contest. The Philadelphia Eagles quarterback may be part of NFL royalty, but his image is tarnished by his off-field antics! In 2007, he was sentenced to 23 months behind bars for his participation in a dogfighting ring. He admitted to drowning several dogs that did not perform well according to him. Americans have not forgiven him for that.

In second place is golfer Tiger Woods, who grabbed headlines with his many affairs. His unpopularity rating is of 60% . The New York Jets receiver, Plaxico Burress lands in the third spot. Lebron James is 6th and Kobe Bryant, 7th, worthy ambassadors of the NBA in this survey. 

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