Usher’s New Sex Tape

Mr. OMG, Usher Raymond, has a sex tape of himself and now ex-wife, Tameka Foster, being shopped around to various media outlets. The R&B legend isn’t the first artist to have a sex tape “mysteriously” pop up on the market. The now 32-year-old singer could be trying to keep up with the current trend, following in the footsteps of some of his younger prodigies.

Chris Brown took the term “look at me know” a bit too literally with naked pictures of himself being leaked just a couple days before Usher’s sex tape. Coincidence? Or new marketing tool?

Sources close to Usher say the tape was stolen from his car a couple years back, along with jewelry and a couple laptops, all totaling about one million dollars.

But Usher, why was your sex tape riding shotgun?!

By Marjua Estevez

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