Details about Usher’s highly-publicized divorce keep being exposed. The recording of a 911 call made by Usher last September to report that his ex-wife Tameka Foster allegedly keyed his car landed online on October 15th.

In the recording, Usher explains that he found his car keyed the day after Foster allegedly followed him home and reports that she fled the scene after police were called.

According to documents obtained by TMZ, the fight between Usher and Foster started over their children’s custody. Usher reportedly told police he believes his car was scratched in retaliation for the fight that occurred hours before.

After nearly two years of marriage, Usher and Tameka Foster filed for divorce in June 2009. The R&B superstar is now preparing the release of his new album. A track titled “Papers” leaked online earlier this month: Usher is sharing his side of the breakup and explaining his views of the fallen marriage… By airing their dirty laundry!

What will be the next step in this public fight?

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