First Usher was “Ready to sign them papers,” then he declared “Daddy’s home,” and now he wants you to be his little freak! Usher’s third single “Lil Freak” turns heat up as he and featured lyricist Nicki Minaj on a quest to find the sexually inclined. The video premiered this week and sent long time fans left field. Set in a dark, grungy scenario similar to the horrific cinema series “SAW,” Usher plays a Jigsaw type character as he sings about his desires for a “lil freak.”

Nicki Minaj is also present with a half blonde, half jet black Cruella de Vil hairstyle, luring females to go see Usher. All through out the video intensity is built up, especially whenever the hook drops with the Stevie Wonder violin sample of “Living for the City” and he continuously loosely uses a cruse word.

The video also features a special cameo from Atlanta singer/dancer Ciara. One thing to keep in mind while listening to the lyrics is that it’s not all talk, but rather apart of Usher’s real life. When it comes to the speculations of the mentioned Ménage à trois, Usher says this to MTV: “I mean, I wrote about it… It happens in this day and time. Those are the best chicks to be friends with, honestly.” Hmm, I guess Usher’s life is our “freaky” entertainment right? Be on the look out for Usher’s sixth forthcoming album, “Raymond v. Raymond” which hit shelves Tuesday, March 30. Also check out the extended version of Usher featuring Nicki Minaj, “Lil’ Freak.”

Written By Shabazz

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