We thought things were finally back on track for R&B heartthrob Usher after his difficult and publicized divorce. But we were wrong… Usher is now following the popular 2009 trend of “album push-backs.” His upcoming album “Raymond vs. Raymond” has just been re-scheduled for a 2010 release, shortly after it was pushed up to December 21st.

According to the singer’s entourage, Usher finished recording the album this past Sunday November 29th and the new effort is reportedly undergoing the process of being mastered. So why delay the release of the highly anticipated album? A rep for Usher told MTV News: “We believe that the album is so strong that we want to give it the opportunity to have the proper setup before coming out.”
Could this delay be due to a lack of hype built up for the album release?

No doubt Usher and his management are willing to generate more anticipation for the effort, since the first single “Papers” did not really take off and is currently sitting at #36 on the Billboard 100. Most of the album shall be revolving around topics of his private life, including his recent divorce from estranged wife Tameka Foster Raymond. In June, Usher filed for divorce after two years of martial problems. The first lead single from the album, “Papers,” exposed the drama in the singer’s life as he sings about his readiness to sign the divorce papers. Throughout the song, Usher exposes his side of the story and explains what he thinks made his marriage a failure. That’s what you call airing out your laundry in public…

Usher’s new album has been re-scheduled for a February 2010 release, just in time for Valentine’s Day. Former G-Unit rapper The Game is also dropping his album the same day. Let’s see who’s the next artist other artist to become a victim of the “album push-back” epidemic…

Written By Shabazz

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