Usain Bolt: 5 things you don’t know about him!

Today, Usain Bolt turns 28! The sextuplet gold medal man broke every record possible in the mater. Yet he is a great entertainer as he always make sure to put on a show for the people. Famous for his eccentric attitude, the Lightning man is a character who is also very secretive.

We have decided to reveal you 5 things you don’t know about Usain Bolt!

1. He has one leg shorter than the other!

loop animated GIF

The curves can be sometimes problematic for him

2. He was diagnosed hyperactive!

chris farley animated GIF

His father gave him a lot of belt shot when he was younger.

3. He is a US size15,5 when it comes to shoes!

nba animated GIF

Big feet for a big men !

4. He has only failed one Olympic Games!

fail animated GIF

When he was 17, He participed to Athènes Olympic Games but he lost his first race cause of an injury.

5. He was hated in Jamaica!

laughing animated GIF

After Athènes, he was the laughing stock of his country!

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