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New week, same old albums. Although new releases were lacking in the charts– good news struck for Nicki Minaj, who hit her platinum sales mark this week. Bruno Mars and Rihanna still made the charts, as did returnees like Trey Songz and the Black Eyed Peas.

As expected, Nicki Minaj leads the charts at #2 for her debut effort “Pink Friday,” adding 42,112 to her overall total of 1,035,000 sales. Not only does the Barbie rapping machine hit platinum but she also holds the #1 spot on the Billboard Top 200. This is her 11th week in the charts. Bruno Mars moves up from #5 to #4 for “Doo –Wops & Hooligans,” selling 30,186. Since the release of her video inspired by “whips and chains,” Rihanna has been sizzling. The Barbadian singer makes a big comeback from #13 to #5 for “Loud,” selling 29,560 this week.

Eminem takes #12 for “Recovery,” with 22,946 sold. Katy Perry stays content at #14 for “Teenage Dream,” selling 20,922. Jamie Foxx moves up ten spots to #15 with 20,594 sold for “Best Night of My Life.” Justin Bieber does the same, following at #16 for “My World 2.0,” selling 20,458. The Black Eyes Peas’ “Beginning,” make a comeback as well. Previously at #27, the foursome takes #18 with 19,670 sold. R. Kelly stays at #19 with 18,954 sold for “Love Letter.”

Odd, but this next artist is the first to drop thus far. Down four spots, Kanye West comes at #24 for “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy,” selling 16, 462. Lil Wayne remains strong, moving up from #32 to #25 for “I Am Not a Human Being,” which sold 15,833. T.I. comes up one spot into #28 for “No Mercy” selling 14,758. Keyshia Cole moves up seven spots into #30 with 12,324 sold for “Calling All Hearts.”

The Black Eyed Peas return appear once again on the charts with “The E.N.D.” at #40, selling 11,223. Keri Hilson is up three spots into #42 for “No Boys Allowed,” with 11,212 sold. Cee Lo Green and Trey Songz make returns as well. Cee Lo’s “Lady Kills” makes a comeback at #42 with 11,151 sold and Trey Songz takes #43 for “Passion, Pain & Pleasure,” selling 10,817. Justin Bieber’s “Acoustic” project takes #46 with 10,282, and Michael Jackson wraps it up at #50 for the self-titled “Michael” album, selling 10,018.

Once again, expect the same pool of artists next week, since there are no new releases.

Written By Shabazz

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