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As predicted, not much has happened to the charts review this week. No new releases, so, with no further ado, here is your weekly chart update.
The first urban artist to pop up on the charts is none other than Bruno Mars, who remains content at #5 with “Doo –Wops & Hooligans.” The album sold 33,682 copies this week. Two spots later, Katy Perry moved up from #13 to #7 with “Teenage Dream,” which sold 32,380. Nicki Minaj closed the top bunch at #10, dropping from her previous #4 spot. Minaj has sold 26,614 for her debut effort, “Pink Friday.” That wraps up the top ten. Let’s see who trickles down the road.

Right behind Nicki Minaj, Rihanna came in at #11 with “Loud,” with 27,769 sold. Kanye West continued to drift down the charts. This week, he found himself at #16 with 20,429 sold for “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.” Eminem however remained strong after all these weeks. Still pushing units for “Recovery”, Em added 18,781 to his total sales. R. Kelly followed at #19 with “Love Letter,” which sold 17,431.

The Black Eyed Peas moved up a spot into #21 for “Beginning,” which added 14,803 to sales. However, Ke$ha made a better comeback. Previously at #39, “Cannibal” sold 14,320. Jamie Foxx fell a few spots for #25 for “Best Night of My Life,” which sold 14,293.

T.I. started the next bunch at #30 for “No Mercy,” which sold 13,294. Lil Wayne dropped from #17 to #34 with 12,147 sold for “I Am Not a Human Being.” Justin Bieber’s first and only project on the charts, “My World 2.0”, moved up from #42 to #37, resulting in 11,134 sold. Cee Lo Green moved up from #41 to #39 for “Lady Killer,” which stood strong with 10,718. Keyshia Cole took a major dive from #25 to #44 with “Calling All Hearts.” The album sold 9,112 this week. Not quite as bad, but Keri Hilson took a tumble as well, from #32 to #45, selling 8,853 copies of “No Boys Allowed.” Lady Gaga wrapped up the top 50 at #46 with “The Fame,” which sold 8,194 copies.

The coming week will be another ghost town as far as releases are concerned. Check back to get your weekly fix of US Urban Charts Review.

Written By Shabazz

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