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Much hasn’t changed around this neck of the woods. Bootleggers and iTunes continue to pity our favorite artists on the charts– as it’s clearly taking a tab bit longer for some to hit that platinum mark. This week pop singer Sara Bareilles– better known for refusing to “write a love song” in a Rhapsody TV commercial– prevents Eminem from regaining his top spot once again. The composed pianist sold 91,858 into #1 for her third album, “Kaleidoscope Heart.” No other new debuts this added to that charts this week. Where does that leave the rest of the acts that you really care about?

Of course Marshall Mathers took runners up, moving up a spot into #3 for “Recovery,” selling 80,837 more copies. This now brings the Detroit rapper’s total to 2,518,019. Hip-hop hooray? Moving on, pop’s pin-up sensation Katy Perry remains at #4 with 59,204 sold for “Teenage Dream.” A few spots down Justin Bieber moved up into #7 for “My World 2.0,” which sold 34,504 more copies. Justin can thank all of his “beliebers” out there, surpassing the total sales for “My World 2.0” past 4 million. Eminem, Miss Perry and Bieber wrap up the top ten.

Dropping down to #11 from her previous #5 position, R&B singer Fantasia sells 28,690 for “Back to Me.” Young Money’s Drake moves up to #14 for “Thank Me Later,” selling 17,717 this week. Drizzy Drake now clocks in around 1,063,925 for total albums sold for the debut. Usher’s recent EP release “Versus” finds a spot on the charts at #15 with 16,775 sold. Kem dropped five spots into #16 for “Intimacy,” selling 16,592.

Lady Gaga first appearance is at #18 for OG project “The Fame,” which pushed 15,476. The singing art display keeps trucking as the album is working on turning 4x platinum. Rick Ross and his “Teflon Don” weighs in–no pun intended –at #23 with 12,845 while Lyfe Jennings drops fatally from #6 to #24 for “I Still Believe” with 12,099. This brings Ricky Rozay to 381,236 as Usher’s faceoff album “Raymond v. Raymond” takes #29 with 11,051 sold. Drunk-and-hot girl Ke$ha stays content in #33 for “Animal,” selling 10,723. Black Eyed Peas also remain gratified with 9,199 at #36 for “The E.N.D. (Energy Never Dies).”

B.o.B.</b< moves up 10 whole spots into #37 for “Adventures of Bobby Ray,” adding 8,677 to his total. Just like Ricky, B.o.B. isn’t quite gold, but he has racked in 371,779 thus far. Bieber returns on the charts once more for “My World,” clocking in at #40 with 8,160 sold. Missing from the charts last week, Enrique Iglesias returns to charts at #44 for “Euphoria,” selling 7,789. The last artist to make the charts barely made it by the skin of their teeth– or shall I say thread of their eye-popping garment. Sure to upset her little monsters, Lady Gaga drops nine spots to #50 for “The Remix,” selling 7,073.

All teenage girls in heat should anticipate next week’s charts review. Trey Songz’s stats for his newest release “Passion, Pain & Pleasure” will be in ready for discussion. Also soul/jazz singer Bilal makes a as well as female MC Rah Digga. Check back next week to see where Trey lands, as well as Bilal and Miss Digga.

Written By Shabazz

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