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As expected, the battle for #1 position between Rick Ross and Eminem would be a problem, and what a better controversy without fumbled numbers involved. According to HITS Daily Double, Rick Ross is on top, but with other sources chiming in, the debate has begun! As usual the charts show love to some, and hurt others. Who ends up on top? To the charts we go.

Managing to sell 187,968 copies for “Recovery,” Eminem holds on to his #1 spot once again, bringing his total five weeks sales to 1,690,534. Falling short, Rick Ross’ debut “Teflon Don” gets bumped down for second place, selling 176,000 into the #2 spot. Even though Ricky’s previous three albums debuted at #1, “Teflon Don” isn’t far from usual sales- being that his first album “Port of Miami” sold 187,000 it’s first week. “Teflon Don” returns with Ricky’s “coke rap” cosigning his mafia styled persona. With songs such as “B.M.F. (Blowin’ Fast Money)”- taking its title after Detroit drug lords “Black Mafia Family- the song suggest that Ross “thinks he’s Big Meech,” which is known as the flashy leader of the crew. “Super High” featuring Ne-Yo hosts as the lead single for the album and the video even features cougar vixen Stacey Dash, who takes lead as Ricky’s female counterpart. Production from Miami’s producers J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League, No ID and Kanye West are present on the album, as well as a hefty amount of features from Jay-Z, Kanye West, Drake, Gucci Mane, Trey Songz and more.

Due to country singer Sheryl Crow ‘s fresh debut, Drake gets knocked down to #4 this week with 49,118 sold for “Thank Me Later.” Justin Bieber falls out of #4 into #6 for “My World 2.0” selling 39,025. Lady Gaga remains content at #11 with 24,586 sold for “The Fame.” Usher moves up from #19 to #13 for “Raymond vs. Raymond,” selling 20,815. Big Boi also moves up #15 to #17 for “Sir Luscious Left Foot,” with 18,419 more units sold. Enrique Iglesias stays at #18 with 8,278 sold for “Euphoria.”

Black Eyed Peas move up to #23 for “The E.N.D. (Energy Never Dies)” and sell 15,074. Gaga moves up to #24 for “The Fame Monster,” selling 13,933. B.o.B.’s “Adventure of Bobby Ray” sold 12,453 into the #28 spot. The-Dream falls from #29 to #31 for “Love King,” selling 11,959 units. Bieber moves up a position to #32 for “My World EP,” adding 11,865 to his sales. Ke$ha remains in her #34 spot and push 11,470 more for “Animal.”

Down on the charts, M.I.A. drops from her debuting #12 spot to #41 for “Maya,” selling 9,494. The Roots fall as well. Previously at #38, The Roots sell 8,835 for “How I Got Over,” landing them in the #45 position. Christina Aguilera was missing from the charts last week, but she makes her return with “Bionic” at #48, selling 8,499. The last artist on the charts barely made it. Surprisingly Alicia Keys drops out her #42 position into #50, selling 8,355 for “Element of Freedom.”

With Eminem not letting up for Rick Ross’ debuting week, it shall be interesting to see how next week will look. Fat Joe and Slum Village dropped new albums this week. Check back next week to see where they land.

Written By Shabazz

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