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This week, it seems the momentum behind urban artists has finally slowed down. While some fall completely off the earth of the list, others move down a handful of spots. But not all is negative for our urban market. The charts welcome back two acts that will hold the rest of the urban artists down with content album sales. Let’s see where the latest buzzing songbird Sade has landed, as well as our soulful singer, Jaheim.

If you didn’t expect Sade to take the #1 position… you must be insane in the membrane. Debuting at a lovely 481,204, the Nigerian born, British songstress takes the top spot for her comeback album “Solider of Love.” Away since the 2000 release of “Lovers Rock,” Sade breaks out of her overdue hiatus and returns with a modernized band to match her classic vocals. The album features 10 tracks of pure soul, and even a special feature of from Sade’s 13-year-old daughter Ila, who backs up her mother on the reggae track “Babyfather.” Though the album shows a new versatile and pop-oriented Sade, tracks such as “Skin” give us a semi-flashback to the “smooth operator” songstress we’re all used to. Singles for the album included the militant album-titled “Solider of Love,” which has been receiving heavy radio play since its release.

Debuting slightly below Sade is our other returnee, Jaheim with his fifth studio album “Another Round,” selling 115,020. Jaheim entered the game with a soulful bass voice and more “thug” appeal than your average R&B singer. Not caring to compete with the youngsters in the industry for the #1 single, he doesn’t use the ‘how to make a club banger’ formula. Instead, Jaheim pulls out his grown and sexy, showing that his music has transitioned along with his growth in age. Lead single “Ain’t Leaving Without You” is a classic feel-good R&B track, which satisfies all mediums in the industry. The video for the single features past collaborator Jadakiss, who jumps on the remix with his usual, chill lyricism.

Moving from last week’s debuting spot at #2, Lil Wayne is next up at #4 with only 83,034 sold for “Rebirth.” Moving on, Lady Gaga is at #6 with 75,531 sold for “Fame” while the Black Eyed Peas are at #8 with 65,711 sold for “The E.N.D. (Energy Never Dies).”

Unlike the previous artists, Alicia Keys moves up one to the #12 position and sells 40,387 for “The Element of Freedom.” Mary J. Blige also shifts up to #13 with 39,010 for “Stronger with Each Tear.”

Lady Gaga’s “Fame Monster” drops four spots to #16, selling 36,938 units. Justin Bieber moves up three into the #17 slot with 35,970 sold for “My World.” Ke$ha lands at #19 with 29,690 pushed for “Animal.” Michael Jackson’s “This Is It” soundtrack falls seven spots into #22, selling 26,458.

Pink, who made her return to the charts last week at #14, now drops to the #27 position, selling 23,924 for “Funhouse.” Rihanna also takes a hard fall, selling 20,687 into the #35 spot for “Rated R.” Corinne Rae Bailey sells 20,471 and moves up one into #36 for “The Sea.” Melanie Fiona climbs up one as well to #37 and 20,455 sold for “The Bridge.”

Young Money took a rather tough plunge this week. Coming in at #39, the YM crew drops 11 spots, selling 19,400 for “We Are Young Money.” But perhaps the person who’s hurting the most is Beyoncé, dropping 29 spots into #40 and selling 18,773 for “I Am… Sasha Fierce.” Hubby Jay-Z takes a great fall as well, dropping 17 spots into #44 and 17,885 sold for “The Blueprint III.” Robin Thicke is at #19 for “Sex Therapy,” selling 16,543. Trey Songz barely makes the charts as he wraps it up at #50, selling 16,382 for “Ready.”

Maxwell falls off the charts, and Gucci Mane joins him for the first time since his release. I guess the charts forgot about Haiti too? Check back next to see how many more records Sade sells (because I’m sure she will secure the #1 spot for a while). Maybe our urban artists will get back to dominating the charts.

Written By Shabazz

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