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Still keeping things fascinating, this week’s charts reaped more benefits for urban artists. While R&B and pop acts continue to push their way back on the top 50, Lil’ Wayne debuts his anticipated rock album. Obviously, he didn’t sell a “milli,” but let’s see where Wayne and the rest of his fellow urban acts landed on the charts.

The #1 position goes to the same contenders who took the win last week. Country group, Lady Antebellum, remains in the top spot with 201,426 sold for “Need You Now.” I see they’re still pushing over 200,000… congrats to them.

Now, if this next act didn’t get the #1 position, they surely became runner-up. Landing in the #2 spot, Lil Wayne debuts “Rebirth” with 173,821 sold. “Rebirth” happens to be Wayne’s first rock debut album and also goes down as his seventh album. The album has built up great anticipation since its original release in early 2009. Music critics stated that Wayne has a “very questionable taste in rock.” But we can all agree that these numbers aren’t what we expect from Weezy. The album appears to be doing quite well thus far… but perhaps, fans want to see Weezy stick to the basics of hip-hop. The singles on the album includes, the early 2009 pop-rock track, “Prom Queen,” and the current “Scarface” movie inspired track, “On Fire.” As far as features, Wayne hooks up with Young Money’s Shanell and Nicki Minaj, as well as Eminem. Although, this project is suppose to be a “rock” album, Wayne doesn’t shy away from hip-hop beat makers, Cool & Dre and The J.U.S.T.I.C.E League for production.

Bouncing around the top five positions, Lady Gaga sits this week at #4, selling 83,520 for “Fame.” Black Eyed Peas moved up five spots into the #5 position this week with 70,462 sold for “The E.N.D. (Energy Never Dies).” For those who care to stay informed, Susan Boyle comes up short reaching into the top five. Boyle lands at #6 with 46,716 for “I Dreamed a Dream.”

One of the few R&B acts that made a sudden jump on the charts this week is fierce diva Beyoncé. Moving up an impressive 28 spots, Beyoncé lands at #11 with 36,922 more units sold for “I Am… Sasha Fierce.” Lady Gaga falls right behind her fellow collaborator at #12, selling 34,316 for her “Fame Monster” EP.

Alicia Keys comes in at #13 with 33,739 pushed for “The Element of Freedom.” Pop act P!nk has been missing from the charts, but returns back this week at #14 and 32,630 sold for “Funhouse.” Moved down from last week’s #4 position, Michael Jackson sits at #15, with 32,333 for the “This Is It” soundtrack.

Mary J. Blige remains “strong” in her #17 position selling 29,860 for “Stronger with Each Tear,” while Ke$ha is untamed in the #18 spot, selling 29,787 for “Animal.” The “Hope For Haiti Now” compilation drops from it’s previous #2 slot at #19 with 29,013 more sold for the earthquake assistance.

Justin Bieber moves 28,860 more copies for “My World” and comes in at #20 this week. Rihanna stays content at #23 with 24,543 sold for “Rated R.” Jay-Z moves up 10 spots to a #27 position and sells 20,306 for “The Blueprint III.” Young Money also continues to hold their own as they park in the #28 slot and sell 19,956 for “We Are Young Money.”
Eminem “re-filled” up the charts and lands at #31 for “Relapse: Refill,” selling 19,031. Trey Songz also moves up 10 spots into the #10 position, pushing 18,209 for “Ready.”

While everyone moved up, jazz/soul singer Corinne Bailey Rae falls short of her top 10 position. Now at #37, Rae only sells 16,990 for last week’s debut, “The Sea.” Melanie Fiona continues to stay within last week’s slot and comes in at #38 for “The Bridge.”

Maxwell also takes a win for the R&B acts and makes a return back to the charts with the first part of his trilogy “BLACKsummers’night.” Now at #42, Maxwell pushes an additional 14,363 for the album. Robin Thicke sells 13,914 for “Sex Therapy” at #44 and Gucci Mane closes the charts at #45 with 13,848 sold for “The State vs. Radric Davis.”

It was a good week for most urban artist and the Grammy definitely influenced the charts. Check back next week to see Sade dominate the track with her hiatus-breakthrough album “Soldier of Love.” I’m sure the own urban community can back me up when I say she’s taking over the #1 spot next week!

Written By Shabazz

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