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Things continue to remain the same… well, somewhat. Numbers still struggle to reach over the 100,000 sales mark and urban releases continue to dominate the top five. However, last week’s debuting urban act, Ke$ha, had a short-lived position at #1… and Susan Boyle isn’t the reason for this change either. Though urban releases will slow down for the rest of the month, Omarion dropped a new project last week. Wonder who took over the #1 spot and where Omarion peaked this week? Let’s make our way to the charts.

Winning over the #1 position this week is American indie rock band Vampire Weekend with their last week release “Contra.” They broke through their first week peaking at 120,917 sales. Following them is the Britain “dreamer” Boyle with “I Dreamed A Dream” coming in at #2, selling additional 81,276. Falling two spots from her debuting #1 slot, it only makes sense for Ke$ha to come in next. Pushing only 65,832, this week “Animal” sits at #3. That’s a difference of 85,511 copies compared to last week…

If Ke$ha doesn’t make a comeback, this next act may be the reason. This “monster” has been slowly but surely creeping her way up the charts. This week, she manages to have both albums in the top 10, and they’re not far from each other in position. Lady Gaga’s original “Fame” comes in at #4 with 64,599 more copies sold. Alicia Keys comes right behind “Fame” with 47,056 sold in the #5 slot, closing up the top 5. Right behind Keys is Gaga’s second project, “Fame Monster,” making a jump from last week’s #10 position to this week’s #6. Both Gaga projects seem to get higher on the charts each week… potentially Ke$ha’s competition?

Anyway, Mary J. Blige lands at #8 with 33,708 copies sold for “Stronger With Each Tear.” Black Eyed Peas follow right after with 32,112 sold for “The E.N.D. (Energy Never Dies),” coming in at #9. Falling three spots from last week, Rihanna sits at #14 for “Rated R,” selling 23,762.

Now, this new release may have not made his debut in the top 10, but at least he can claim the top 20. Coming in at #17 is Omarion with 21,679 sold for “Ollusion.” This is Omarion’s third solo album since his break with B2K and is noted to be a dedication project to the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson. Omarion was recently signed to Lil Wayne’s Young Money label, but he asked to be released from the deal to better his ventures elsewhere. Omarion is now working under his own imprint StarWorld Entertainment, where he released his hit single “I Get It In” featuring Gucci Mane.

Dropping six spots on the charts this week, new school hip-hop collective Young Money comes in at #19 with 20,522 sold for “We Are Young Money.” Emimen however took a greater fall of 10 spots. Coming in #25, “Relapse: Refill” only sales 15,165. Jay-Z sells 14,688 for his #27 “Blueprint III” and Robin Thicke pushes 14,075 for his #31 “Sex Therapy.”

This next group of artists come in a bulk as they all come back-to-back and close out the urban artist on the charts this week. Gucci Mane moves up one spot to #38 for “The State Vs. Radric Davis” selling 11,439 more copies. Trey Songz comes in at #39 with 11,148 sold for “Ready.” Moving up five slots, Melanie Fiona lands in at #40 with 10,916 moved for “The Bridge.” Though this artist may be the veteran on the charts, she took a tremendous fall compared to last week. Falling 12 slots, Beyonce now comes in at #41 with 10,778 sold for “I Am… Sasha Fierce.” Closing out the back-to-back urban action is Snoop Dogg selling 10,683 for his #42 “Malice ‘N Wonderland.”

So if you haven’t noticed, we’re missing a “she wolf” and a “graffiti artist” on the charts this week. Shakira and Chris Brown seem to have fallen off this week, but let’s see if both acts can make a comeback. Check back next week to see who takes the number one position between Boyle, Ke$ha, Gaga, or maybe Corinne Bailey Ray

Written By Shabazz

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