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This week’s urban releases have slowed down compared to last week’s five releases. While we have two new albums added to the Top 50 roster, we also have more changes for this week’s Charts Review. Coming from two sizzling R&B acts, we have an album that declares “free will” from Alicia Keys and an album displaying various types of “sex treatment” from Robin Thicke. Who came out on top? Let’s find out.

So if you’ve been following the flow of the Top 50 for the past month, you know Britain’s next best thing, Susan Boyle, has been holding on to her #1 spot with no signs of letting go any time soon. Susan Boyle still holds on tight to her #1 position, selling an additional 659,382 copies of “I Dreamed a Dream.” That’s 76,658 more copies than last week! Though this is wonderful for Boyle, it isn’t shocking and we’re quite used to it. Let’s just wait and see how many more album sales she racks up next week.

However, what is shocking is the person who’s right behind Boyle. Locking in the #2 spot is Alicia Keys with 405,762 sold for her fourth studio release, “The Element of Freedom.” Ever since Keys co-starred on Jay-Z‘s New York anthem “Empire State of Mind,” demand for the singer has boomed. Even though Keys may be experimenting with various styles and sounds compared to previous album “As I Am,” she still hasn’t put her love for the piano on the back burner. Singles for the album include “Doesn’t Mean Anything” and “Try Sleeping with a Broken Heart.” “The Element of Freedom” also features guest appearances from Drake and Beyoncé.

Lady Gaga, still positioned firmly in the #7 spot for “Fame,” sells another 135,045 copies this week. Her recent EP “Fame Monster” climbed up the chart four spots as it lands at #12 with 99,019 more copies sold. Seems like people are still “gaga” over the lady.

Two spots below Lady Gaga comes our second release for the week: Robin Thicke. Coming in at #9, Thicke sells 120,018 units for his first parental advisory album “Sex Therapy.” “Sex Therapy” consists of two different versions: “Sex Therapy: The Session” and “Sex Therapy: The Experience.” The title track “Sex Therapy” gives us the falsetto, “Smooth Operator” side of Thicke. Just in time for the holidays, Thicke’s “Sex Therapy” is sure to bring ideal eroticism for lovers. “Sex Therapy” also features a load of collaborations: Kid Cudi, Nicki Minaj, Snoop Dogg, Estelle, Jazmine Sullivan and Game all make guest appearances.

Black Eyed Peas rank one spot higher than last week. Landing at #19, the Black Eyed Peas sell 82,159 more copies for “E.N.D. (Energy Never Dies).” Also climbing up the charts is Rihanna. Moving up from last week’s #28 position, Rihanna now lands at #20, selling 81,584 more copies of “Rated R.” Maybe the release of her militant, yet still fierce video for “Hard” helped her on the charts after all.

Though Rihanna still seems to remain relevant on the charts, something seemed to backfire for this next act. Making a tremendous drop from last week’s #6 position, Chris Brown now lands at a disappointing #32 with “only” 51,858 more copies sold for “Graffiti.” What’s the reason for this heartbreaking fall on the charts? Maybe Brown’s decision to delete his “MechanicalDummy” Twitter page did the trick. He did go on a rant about how stores were blackballing his album,.. maybe it’s true after all?

Making a surprising comeback on the charts this week is none other than Jay-Z. After taking a break from the Top 50 last week, Jay-Z now returns to a #43 position and 38,978 more copies sold for “Blueprint III.” Even though Hov may have made a comeback, we can’t say the same for 50 Cent… another week off the charts.

Wrapping up for the urban releases is Gucci Mane, who makes a great fall from his previous #11 spot. Now clocking in at #46, Gucci Mane sells another 36,113 copies for “The State vs. Radric Davis.” This shouldn’t be so disappointing to the ATL rapper. “The State vs. Radric Davis” is by far the most successful release from the artist yet.

If you didn’t notice already, there weren’t many urban albums on the Top 50 this week. What happened to last week’s releases: Snoop Dogg, Timbaland and The Clipse? Not even R. Kelly or Shakira are on the charts this week. Maybe some of these acts can make a comeback and hit the Top 50 next week.

Let’s see where this week’s releases land on the next week’s roster. We have new albums coming from a diverse pool of artists: Mary J. Blige, Eminem, Hurricane Chris and Young Money. Can Lil Wayne’s new hip-hop super crew Young Money take after their boss and hit close a “milli” the first week? Can Eminem’s deluxe re-release hit numbers like the original did? Check back with us next week to find out.

Written by Shabazz

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