U.S. picks favorite team in NBA Finals

The Oklahoma City ThunderMiami Heat NBA final is a basketball fan’s dream come true, pitting the two best players of the season, Kevin Durant and Lebron James, against each other. With 11 million viewers, Game 1 of the NBA finals got the best ratings in a decade. A great result for American network ABC.

It’s a real match made in heaven because both teams couldn’t be more different! On one hand, Oklahoma City, a franchise that has been growing progressively and whose star, Kevin Durant is both accessible and shy. On the other, Miami, the team with the big bucks and the big stars. According to a poll conducted by ESPN, 48 States out 50, support Oklahoma. The two states in favor of Miami are Florida and Washington, where Kevin Durant’s franchise was based before relocating to Oklahoma City. America has clearly picked its team!

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