Tyson Gay and Christophe Lemaître’s dietary secrets

What are Tyson Gay and Christophe Lemaître’s diet secrets? The American 100m and 200m runner watches his weight, but for the Frenchman, the idea of a balanced diet seems pretty ludicrous.

The Olympic sprinter Tyson Gay recently spoke about his diet, saying “As far as special is more so a certain amount of calories, a certain amount of protéines, a certain amount of carbs so… I kind of stuck to that diet always before trials just to watch my weight.”

Meanwhile, French runner Christophe Lemaître remarked “Honestly, I don’t really bother with diets. I eat whatever I like. Sure, I’m a bit more careful before competitions, I watch what I eat, but overall, on a day-to-day basis, I don’t really focus on that too much. It’s not a big thing for me.”

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