Tyrese Ends Tyrade

‘Transformers’ star Tyrese Gibson was one of the few to say something positive about his former co-worker Megan Fox. The seductive star was sacked by producer Steven Spielberg after calling director Michael Bay ‘Hitler-like’. The brunette bombshell has faced a flurry of malicious media reports since which included an on-set fling involving Shia Labeouf. The third installment of the series has done better in the box office than its former flop. The actor/singer lamented not having her on the set, saying “Having a franchise that she’s been a part of from the beginning, and not being able to have her on board is probably the most difficult. Sometimes things don’t work out, but I wish her well. In business, her career, her personal life. She’s a sweet girl.” After an adieu like that maybe Megan and the former model were more than just friends. By David Woodson

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