Trey Songz, Chris Brown, August Alsina, Jason Derulo: The hottest male R&B singers in the industry.

In their songs they usually sing the praises of women, love and relationships. They manage with their art to make us swoon thanks to their sultry voices and sexy moves. With the summer coming pretty soon, TRACE decided to treat you with the finest and hottest piece of chocolate (black or white) in the industry. Ladies sit down, relax and enjoy our favorite industry Lotharios:August Alsina The New Orleans native is not really the typical R&B figure although his tattoos and cute face make up for his drastic lack of muscles. The “I Luv this shit” singer have our favors because of the hardship he’s already been through despite of his young age, and of course for the quality of the material he’s been putting out lately.

Mack Wilds The singer/songwriter/actor has it all and is the epitome of a trifecta. After recurrent roles in hit series such as The Wire or in 90210, the 25-year-old artist is ready to fully dedicated himself to the record industry and has already released a couple of tracks such as: “Own It“ or “Don’t Turn Me Down“ where you can hear his incredible potential! C’mon Mack we ‘re waiting for a hit to blast on our speakers this summer.

Justin Bieber It’s already been 6 years since Justin Bieber’s first single “One time” came out…and it’s pointless to say that the R&B crooner came a long way, the Kid that grew into a very handsome man right before our eyes keeps on turning heads. Ain’t it right, Selena?

Kevin McCall Kevin also Known as K-mac was one of Chris Brown’s pals before their relationship turned sour a few years ago. The 29 year old singer/songwriter who was responsible for numerous R&B smash hit singles such as Chris Brown’s “Deuces”, “No bullshit”, “Strip” is also an incredible vocalist who still awaits for his talent to be recognized as it should be.

Jason Derulo Jason Derulo is a true player who expresses and professes his love for women in his songs. Nevertheless on the 4th of January 2012 his dedication to the art of performance almost got him killed (after trying a dance move that’d make him land on his head), he almost broke his neck, and was lucky enough to only wear a neck brace for several months after the injury. The now single singer who used to date fellow singer Jordin Sparks can fully enjoy his free agent lifestyle and show is muscular body to the ladies.

Trey Songz He is definitely the archetype of the R&B heartthrob, the dark-skin seducer in addition of having a catalogue filled with sex-oriented ballads has one of the sexiest bodies in the game. And according to this picture the latter knows it too damn well. Mila J was one lucky girl!

Chris Brown

The most talented artist of his generation is also one of the most troubled. Yet, Chris Brown has everything to be happy! He is young, talented and extremely sexy! Hopefully his fatherhood will help him settle down…Well, Let’s have a look at his all tatted up bad boy body and drool over it

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