Trey Songz

Offering listeners a more mature sound, singer Trey Songz is back with the release of his third studio album, “Ready.” A fixture in the industry for a few years now, Songz has been steadily climbing the ranks to become one of the most recognizable voices in R&B.

The Virginia native came onto the scene in 2005 with his first single “I Gotta Make It.” True indeed. If you’ve paid any attention, this dedicated singer has been putting in the work to live up to that assertion. Way before longtime collaborator Drake exploded on to the scene, Songz was one of the few singers to release mixtapes (which showcased both his singing and rapping abilities). This latest album is a reflection of the fruits of Songz’ labor: artistic growth.

However, Songz, who appears shirtless on his album cover, has not only developed musically. Much to his fans’ delight, he seems to have also grown increasingly comfortable showcasing his inner R. Kelly. That comparison is not made simply for the sake of bringing up the R&B veteran, for whom Songz recently expressed some choice words of tough love. Four of the first six tracks on “Ready” boast titles of “Panty Droppa,” “Neighbors Know My Name” (…because you’re screaming it so loud), “I Invented Sex” and “Does He Do It” (…to you like I do?).

Regardless of his influences, the Grammy nominated singer has definitely taken the time to tweak his talents and hone his craft. Though part of the marketing strategy for “Ready” seems to include hyping up the album’s featured guests, Songz is a noticeable talent without all the bells and whistles. For this reason, he shines brightest on his solo tracks.

“Does He Do It” is an infectious, upbeat track that will likely prompt many female fans to quietly admit to themselves that ‘no, he doesn’t.’ “Love Lost” is a passionate ballad that sounds like it belongs on the soundtrack to an 80’s movie (though that sounds like a potential problem, it proves to be a good thing). “Holla If Ya Need Me” is a heartfelt slow jam that stays true to the classic Trey Songz vibe. Overall, “Ready” is a fun, contemporary R&B lover’s playground.

Written by Shaira B.

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