In September TRACE brings you a new GUEST STAR, with more display images, more news and exclusive interviews with the viewer’s favourite stars. More intimate, more confidential, more direct… GUEST STAR now provides an even closer look at today’s hottest artists. Get to know the stars on a personal level that only they can reveal. GUEST STAR, it’s also the exclusive news : Janelle Monae completely mad about androids, Kelly Rowland’s secret to have curls curlier then ever! Diddy’s confessions about his Parisian love affairs and Usain Bolt like you’ve never seen him outside the running track!

Also, TRACE will air a new show: “TOP 5,” 9 unique countdowns: TOP Games, Top Sexy Boy, Top Movies, Top Web, Top Sexy Girl, Top Money, Top Gossip, Top Fashion, Top Mobile, Top New… Stay tuned!

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