TRACE – Voyager Screening Competition Terms & Conditions – 2021

TRACE – Voyager Screening Competition Terms & Conditions – 2021

1. Application and Promoters: Please read the Competition Terms and Conditions (“Terms”)

carefully. These Terms apply to all persons entering the [TRACE – Voyager Screening

Competition] (“the Competition”) conducted by TRACE South Africa [situated at The

Design District, Cnr 7 Keyes Ave & Tyrwhitt Ave, Rosebank, South Africa, 2092] collectively

referred to as “the Promoters”.


2. Terms: Instructions on how to enter the Competition, including all rules, mechanics,

procedures, directions and prizes all form part of these Terms. If you take part in this

Competition, you expressly agree to be bound by these Terms and accept that the

Promoters’ decision is final and that no correspondence will be entered into. Entry implies

acceptance of these Terms.


3. Eligibility: The Competition is open for entry to all citizens and legal residents of South

Africa (provided that the participant is also a resident in South Africa at the time of winning

and receiving any prize herein), who at the time of entering the Competition are over the

age of 18 (eighteen) years, and are in possession of a valid South African Identity

Document (in the case of residents, a valid passport, and necessary residency permission).


Entrants are required to visit the TRACE website ( and must fill in the TRACE

– Voyager Screening Competition form, to enter the competition.

The competition form will ask for their details and some additional information needed for

the competition. Once the form has been submitted, entrants are automatically entered into

the draw. TRACE reserves the rights to randomly select the winner of the competition

through a draw.

In order to qualify as an entrant for this competition:

1. The participant(s) must be a South African citizen, or a legal resident of South Africa –

with a valid Identity Document and/or Passport

2. The participant(s) must be 18 (eighteen) years of age or older. Anyone below 18 years

of age will automatically be disqualified

3. The winner of the competition will be required to share their proof of identification and

address with TRACE, in order to be declared a winner.

4. Persons that are excluded from entering the Competition include any person who

is a director, member, partner, employee or agent of, or consultant (“Associates”) of

the Promoters, and any of its subsidiaries, or any other person who directly or

indirectly controls, is employed by or is controlled by the Promoters, and/or

immediate family members of Associates, who are indirectly or directly connected to

or employed by any party in the aforementioned capacities or relationships, their

advertising agencies, manufacturers, distributors or packagers identified by the

trademarks owned by or licensed to TRACE. And each of their affiliates, and/or

promotion agencies, outlet owners, retailers and wholesalers that form part of the

Competition, their immediate families or anyone who within a period of 183 days

preceding this Competition has won any Competition organised, promoted, or

conducted by the Promoters or who resides at the same address as such a winner,

or uses the same contact details to enter this Competition. The Competition is not

open for entry by or on behalf of a legal entity and participants cannot use the

account of a legal entity to enter the Competition. All of the aforementioned are

hereinafter referred to as “Disqualified Persons”. The Competition will be limited to

the Republic of South Africa.


4. Mechanic how to enter the competition:

4.1 Entrants must visit to fill in the [TRACE – Voyager Screening] competition

4.1 Entrants must visit to fill in the [TRACE – Voyager Screening] competition

form and to submit their entry into the competition.

4.2 The entrants are free to enter the competition more than once, throughout the duration

of the competition, but this will not influence or increase their chances of winning.


5. Winner Selection and Winner Verification: Closing date for entries is the 15th of April

2021, 12PM (NOON) SAST. The TRACE Southern African team will select the winner

through a random draw. TRACE reserves the right to draw and announce the winner on a

day of their choosing. The draw, new information about the competition, any

postponements, and announcement of the winner will be done through the TRACE social

media channels. All winners will be contacted by TRACE representatives before any formal

announcements are made through social media. Please refer to General rules at the end of

the Terms and Conditions. TRACE reserves the right to increase or withdraw or shorten the

duration of the “TRACE – Voyager Screening Competition” in its sole and absolute

discretion and will notify entrants if it chooses to do so. Entrants will not have a claim

against TRACE in this event. TRACE may amend, modify or otherwise change these terms

and conditions in its sole and absolute discretion on notice and the amended version will be

displayed in the same media as these terms and conditions. The winner will be selected

through a random draw overseen by an independent person in terms of the Consumer

Protection Act, Act 68 of 2008 (“The Consumer Protection Act”). Possible “competition”

winners will be contacted by the Promoters [via Telephonic calls, or emails, or social media

direct messages “DM”] and will be required to participate in an audit verification process

(which includes but is not limited to providing their proof of engagement with the

Competition in accordance with the entry mechanics), together with a copy of their Identity

Document and Proof of Residence. Once the audit verification has been completed, the

possible winner will be declared as winner and will be contacted by the Promoters to

facilitate and communicate the next steps. If the Promoters are unable to get hold of the

winner(s) to complete the audit verification, they will be deemed to have forfeited the prize

and a replacement/substitute winner(s) is drawn in the same manner as the first. In addition

to what is stated above, if a finalist is ineligible to accept a prize in terms of the Competition

Rules or is unable or fails to accept a prize for any reason whatsoever, a replacement

finalist will be selected from the names drawn from remaining qualifying participants in

accordance with the same process as applicable to the original draw. The Promoters

reserve the right to select an alternative finalist if they reasonably believe, in their sole

discretion, that the drawn finalist has contravened any of these Terms and Conditions. The

Promoters’ decision shall be final, and no correspondence will be entered into.


6. Prizes: The qualifying winners of the [TRACE – Voyager Screening] competition will be

awarded 2 movie tickets each, until the cinema capacity has been reached. In order for the

selected winner(s) to receive the 2 movie ticket prize, they will have to provide TRACE with

the following documents, during the vetting process:

Bank Statement or Bank confirmation letter (*if needed)

Certified proof of Identity (ID/Passport)

Proof of address


7. The prize of 2 movie tickets per winner will be given to the winners on the day of the

movie screening (15th of April 2021), at the communicated cinema. Should the winner

progress through the vetting process, their name may appear on – – TRACE’s

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube accounts. Participants may enter the competition

more than once, throughout the duration of the competition, but this will not influence or

increase their chances of winning. The prize will not cover any other costs of the winner, not

mentioned in these Terms and Conditions and the Promoters will not be liable or

responsible to the winner for any such costs. The prize will not be transferable or

negotiable. The Promoters reserve the right to substitute the prize at any time for an

alternative prize of equal or greater value should the prize promoted not be available due to

unforeseen circumstances.


8. Invalid Entries: Entries which are incomplete, unclear, submitted via an incorrect entry

mechanism, submitted after the Closing Date or contain errors or false information, or are

from Disqualified Persons, will be declared invalid. The Promoters may refuse to award the

prize if the Terms have not been adhered to or if the Promoters detect any irregularities or

prize if the Terms have not been adhered to or if the Promoters detect any irregularities or

fraudulent practices.


9. Defects: The Promoters are not liable for any defect(s) in the prize.


10. Limitation of Liability: To the maximum extent permitted by law, the participants, winner or

users of the prize indemnify and hold the Promoters, their advertising agencies, advisers

and nominated agents and each of their affiliates blameless for any loss, damage, harm or

injury, which the participants, prize winner or users of the prize may sustain as a result of

any claim which may be made against it by any third party. The participants, winner or

users of the prize indemnify the Promoters, their advertising agencies, advisers, nominated

agents, suppliers, packagers, identified by the trademarks owned by or licensed to TRACE,

its affiliates and/or associated companies against any claim of any nature whatsoever

arising out of and/or from their participation in any way in the Competition or their use of the

prizes (including, as the result of any act or omission, whether negligent or otherwise on the

part of the Promoters).


11. Image Rights: The Promoters may request the winner to be identified and photographed

and to have the photographs published in various media (for which no fee will be payable),

including but not limited to print and web-based media, or to appear on radio and television,

when accepting their prize and/or after having received their prize. The winner will be given

the opportunity to decline the publication of their images or participation in the Promoters’

marketing material so far as it relates to the Competition. Such publication will be without

any liability to the Promoters and without remuneration due to the winner. By participating in

this Competition, all participants are deemed to have read and understood the Terms and

Conditions of the social media sites of Facebook, twitter, Promoters website, and of the

participants’ mobile network service provider and participants further allow the Promoters

permission to publish his/her name and photograph on the Promoters’ Social Media pages.

Copyright, intellectual property rights, image rights and any other rights vesting in any

competition footage, posts and photographs (whether depicting the winner and partner or

not) shall remain the property of the Promoters, who reserves the right to use it in any way.


12. Transgressions: Any attempt to damage or interfere with the social media pages and

website used in connection with the Competition or the information on it, or to otherwise

undermine the legitimate operation of the Competition may be a violation of criminal and

civil laws and should such an attempt be made, whether successful or not, the Promoter

reserves the right to seek damages to the fullest extent permitted by law. The Promoters

reserve the right (subject to applicable law) to disqualify and/or ban any individual who

tampers with or attempts to subvert or interfere with the Competition website or entry

process or prize retrieval process. Any participant who transgresses any of these Terms

and Conditions or who acts in any way contrary to the spirit of this Competition may be

banned from entry into this, or into any other Promoter or TRACE TV or TRACE Group and

its subsidiaries. Promotional Competitions, for a period deemed appropriate by Promoter



13. Cancellation and Amendment: Promoters reserve the right to cancel or amend or alter the

Competition and its Terms or prize (not already awarded, to any other prize of comparable

commercial value) at their own discretion at any time, if deemed necessary in their opinion

and/or if circumstances arise outside of their control, without prior notice and no participant

shall have recourse for such cancellation or alteration. Any changes will be posted either

within the Competition information or these Terms shall become effective immediately after

being altered or on such date as may be determined by the Promoters. No participant shall

have any recourse against the Promoters as a result of the cancellation of the Competition

or as a result of the alterations of the Terms or prize. All participants waive any rights that

they may have/purport to have in terms of this Competition and acknowledge that they will

have no recourse against the Promoters whatsoever.


14. Alteration of time period of the Competition: The Organisers reserve the right to extend,

shorten or suspend the time period of the Competition whenever it should so choose for

technical, commercial, or operational reasons, or for the greater public good, or due to a

“force majeure” (a cause which could not be anticipated and/or are beyond the Promoters’

“force majeure” (a cause which could not be anticipated and/or are beyond the Promoters’

control) or generally for any reason whatsoever within its sole discretion, on condition that it

notifies the participants in a manner that is expedient according to its best ability.


15. Technical failures and Unauthorized intervention: If for any reason the Competition is

not capable of running as planned as a result of any technical failures, unauthorized

intervention, computer virus, mobile network failure, social media site downtime, tampering,

fraud or any other causes beyond the Promoters’ control which corrupt or affect the

administration, security, fairness, integrity or proper conduct of the Competition, the

Promoters reserve the right to cancel, terminate, modify or suspend the Competition and/or

to disqualify and/or ban any individual who (whether directly or indirectly) causes (or has

caused or has attempted to cause) the problem. If an act, omission, event or circumstance

occurs which is beyond the reasonable control of the Promoters and which prevents the

Promoters from complying with these Terms the Promoters will not be liable for any failure

to perform or delay in performing its obligation.


16. Non-Waiver of Terms: A failure by the Promoters to enforce any one of the Terms in any

instance(s) will not give rise to any claim or right of action by any participant or prize winner,

nor shall it be deemed to be a waiver of any of the Promoters’ rights in relation to the same.


17. Legal Compliance: All participants are advised that in compliance with the laws of the

countries in which the Promoters operate, the Promoters are required to retain certain

information (where applicable) of participants and winners for a period of 3 (three) years

(“Personal Information”). Such Personal Information to be retained by the Promoters

includes (but is not limited to) the full names, identity numbers, contact details and winners’

acknowledgement of prize receipts. Accordingly, the Promoters will require the winner to

complete and submit an information disclosure agreement and indemnification to enable

the Promoters to ensure compliance with these Rules, as well as with the Consumer

Protection Act. Should any participant and/or winner refuse or be unable to comply with

these Rules for any reason, such participant and/or winner will be deemed to have rejected

the prizes and it shall revert back to the Promoters.


18. Severability: If any provision of these Terms is found to be invalid or unenforceable by any

court of competent jurisdiction, then that provision shall be severed from these Terms and

shall not affect the validity or enforceability of any remaining provisions.

19. Law and jurisdiction: These Terms shall be governed by the laws of South Africa. The

participant consents to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the applicable Magistrates’ Court in

respect of all matters arising out of or in connection with the Competition. This consent

does not limit the Promoters’ rights to approach the High Court of South Africa (Gauteng

Local Division, Johannesburg).


20. Inquiries: All queries in connection with this Competition should be directed to [TRACE,

The Design District, Cnr 7 Keyes Ave & Tyrwhitt Ave Rosebank, South Africa, 2092 – 010

822 2470,].


21. Availability of these Terms:

A copy of these Terms is available at [].

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