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TRACE Urban gets to know Shirazee

Shirazee is a Benin-born songwriter-turned-performer who has written for artists such as Sting, Twista and Usher.

He has recently put out a single called “Different” for which we all anticipate a video coming soon!

TRACE Urban caught up with the singer who was in South Africa shooting for his latest musical offering.

How would you describe your sound?

“Cool pop”- Pop with a different point of view.

Who are your biggest musical influences?

That’s a tough question. My influences include Michael Jackson, Outkast and Sting just to name a very select few.

What sort of impact has living in the various places you have, had on your music?

It’s almost made me a world citizen. There are not too many places I go to and don’t feel at home now because of all these experiences. It’s also given me so much to talk about in my music.

What was it like to write music for the likes of Twista and Usher?

At some point all these things were just dreams so today it’s an honour and blessing I have never taken for granted to write with and/or for arguably some of the best in the business.

What prompted the move from song writing to performing?

Finding my voice and knowing who I was made it harder to give songs that came from my soul away.

Describe your creative process – how do you go about making new music?

I just give myself time to be inspired and then go spill everything out in the studio over tracks I usually am involved in creating from scratch.

Shirazee 1

What have some of your favourite personal projects been?

It’s definitely been writing for Sting on the “Afrojack” album. Also, Tydollasign’s “Bring it Out of Me” and Girl’s Generation’s “Mr Taxi”.

Which artists are on top of your collaborations wish list?

Andre 3000 and Sade.

You speak about wanting to be a voice for the people – tell us about some of the issues you’d like to address.

Being a voice for the people just means being a vessel that helps express a common feeling or sentiment. If I can, for only 3 minutes at a time, be a voice that they believe is speaking on all or any emotion they might be going through at any given time, then I am doing what I was brought on earth to do in my eyes.

Where do you see Shirazee in five years?

Stay tuned :)

When you’re not making music or travelling, what do you enjoy doing?

Cooking, working out and watching movies, loads and loads of movies *laughs*

Check out “Different” here:


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