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Tune in to TRACE Urban or TRACE Africa on Friday, 5 November at 16:00 [CAT]  and watch as we kick off our brand-new exhilarating show CODE, hosted by the fabulous Ninka Mbaye. 


Watch as Ninka takes you through the hottest Afro-Urban trends from all four corners of the world. Music, dance, fashion, art, beauty and food are just some of the things that will be served in this vibrant docuseries. Through the show, you’ll be re-introduced to icons such as Shaggy, Sean Paul and, many others in the industry, get to see them in a whole new light with CODE. 


With her genuine and relatable style, Ninka connects with interviewees who reveal mind-blowing truths, share stories about their lives, and their exciting careers. Each episode is centred around industry insiders. They touch on a wide range of topics and talk about their rise to fame, their downfalls, and how they overcame challenges in their intimate conversations with Ninka. 


Through watching CODE, you as the viewer will discover the importance of creating spaces for people of African descent to tell and share their own individual stories, and celebrate different cultures. – “The reason I love CODE is its ability to inspire people and the fact that they’re getting all these magical moments from all over the world” – Ninka Mbaye, Trace’s Global Head of Content.


The urban culture is unique to each city and individual but as viewers will find out in the series, it also has many shared experiences. The theme of the series shows the audience just how human we all are and that no matter our differences we can all be united by a shared love for life.


“Today, TRACE wants to offer programs that promote diversity and inclusion. We want to put the spotlight on the success stories of artists, creators and entrepreneurs in order to make talents from all over the world shine and to inspire youth” – Olivier Laouchez, co-founder and CEO of Trace.


Viewers can switch between television and our digital platform, Trace+. CODE’s unique feature will grant viewers access to all episodes and additional content. Viewers will simply need to scan the QR code logo on their television screens to access Trace+. Alternatively, viewers can visit our website at to sign up from there. Be inspired by each story and catch each magical moment. Tune in to TRACE Urban, (DSTV channel 325) or TRACE Africa (DSTV channel 326) to catch #CODE every second Friday at 16:00 [CAT]. 


Be sure to keep it locked on TRACE Urban Instagram: @tracesouthafrica, and TRACE Africa Instagram: @traceafrica_. Use #CODE and let us know your favourite part of each episode!


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