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Her name is Nicole, she was part of the Pussycat dolls one of the most succesful girls band of the recent years and now she decided to do her own things.
Nicole Scherzinger is back with a solo album entitled “Her name is Nicole”.
We had a chance to get a lil’ chat with her.
Here’s what she had to say.

TRACE : What does it feel like to be solo now?

Nicole: I miss the girls, their company… We had a lot of good laughs together…
But it does also feel rewarding to be at this place, I’m ready to launch “Her name is Nicole”
I’ve been working towards this all my life. So it’s just nice to be here and talk about my music. It feels good.

TRACE:Can you tell us about your collaborations on this album, especially the one with Sting. How did that happen?

Nicole: It’s unbelievable. All these people I’ve worked with from Akon, Ne-yo, Timabaland, Macy Gray to Sting… It’s just crazy… I’m still blown away with this. I still can’t believe we have a song together on my album. He’s part of the same music family that I am. That album is my babay. It’s really exciting to have somebody like him willing to accompany me on it.

TRACE: Among the artists you collaborate with there is your partner in crime
You guys seem to have a special realationship…

Nicole: Well, I’ve known way before the Pussycat Dolls.
It hasn’t always been such a good chemistry and synergy between us though.
At the beginning, he didn’t really see me as a real artist. So I kinda had to prove my worth to him… And with the time, he realized that I was really obsessed with that music. He realized how much of a workaholic I was.
He’s a great person. He’s definitely one of my favourite person in the industry even out of the industry. He’s just a great human being and at the same time he’s psycho (laughs)
His energy never stops.
He’s so much fun, he makes me laugh all the time.

TRACE: Tell us about the Nicole very few people know about, the Nicole who went to Art school to study music…

Nicole: Well I come from a very humble background. Growing up There wasn’t a lot of money around. But I always knew I’d be famous one day. I wanted to do theatre, musical theatre, my own music…
Not having any money I didn’t have that many options. So I worked hard and made my way to the one Youth Performing Arts school in my town, I went there, I studied classiscal music, I was a soprano, then I put myself through college where I studied theater…
I love school. I think it was an amazing foundation or me. It helped me a lot as an artist and as a human being period.
I don’t know if a lot of artists in the industry have a theatrical background like I do and I really want to bring it to my stage shows…
School also gave me a lot of discipline and structure , I’m a very disciplined artist. I got a good work ethic as well and I owe all of that to school.

TRACE: Your heritage.Your parents are from Hawaii, Russia and the Phillipines. How close are you to these different cultures?

Nicole: Hawaii is definitely the culture I’m the closest to.
I was born there, I’m very close to my family there. I got a song in my album that is a shout out to my Hawaiian family.
I also have the Philipines and Russia in my blood, my Russian name is “Praskovia”.
But I’m not that close to my Russian side, I got a chance to perform in all of those places though, that’s the good thing about being an artist. Performing in Russai was really a good experience.

TRACE: You’ve performed in so many places with the Pussycat Dolls, is there any place you haven’t been to yet and you would love to go to?

I haven’t been to Spain yet, same thing for Brazil, I wanna go to Sub-saharan Africa as well.
I wanna go everywhere. I think there’s beauty everywhere.

TRACE: Is there gonna be another Pussycat Dolls album?

Nicole: Yeah defintitely!
I’m looking forward to it even though right now I’m focused on my solo career right now.
While working on my solo I kept some tracks that I’d love to do with the girls…

TRACE: Any projects beyond music?

Nicole: Acting definitely!
I need to find the right role though. But I’ve studied it for so long, I feel like I need to use it.
Plus I miss the stage I miss theatre.

TRACE: Is Nicole single?

Nicole: Nicole is single and married to her music.

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