TRACE Catch-Up Session: Gender Equality and representation

We recently took a deliberate stance to go 50_50 with all our content on all our channels because as a brand we felt it necessary to be intentional in our communication and content offering with this messaging because of representation matters! 

The music industry is conventionally patriarchal, it’s important for TRACE to remind people that womxn are a part of the music culture and the truths about the womxn in this industry go beyond their politics, the men they are sleeping with, the females they have “beef” with or what they wearing.

To break away from this narrative, we’ve come up with TRACE Catch-Up Session, a digital show where we meet and talk to great womxn from all walks of life. 

In the next two episodes of TRACE Catch-Session, we talk to Head of Marketing and Sales at TRACE,  Anna-Marie Marks, who’ll touch on #TRACE50_50 and why it’s so important for the brand to actually create a space where the voice of a womxn is heard and where womxn are celebrated for their talents. 

 We also talk to the Managing Director of Tutone Communications, Melanie Ramjee, who does a lot for the Special Olympics in South Africa, breast cancer (Avon iThemba Walk), and the LGBTQI+ (Feather Awards) through business. 


Watch and share the TRACE Catch-Up Session with your friends and family and share your comments with us on who you would like to see next on our couch. 


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