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Time and time and time again, artists have shown us that music is more than a way of life, it’s also an experience. While we’ve listed some of our most anticipated there are those music types that have stretched and warped our imaginations, leaving us to rummage around for a cure to scratch the itch! These aren’t our most anticipated, but these stellar artists have our radar on high octane orange alert! Get ready, here are the runner-ups; the Part 2 of the most anticipated albums of 2010!

1. Relapse 2

At 24, Marshall Mathers released arguably one of the greatest albums of all-time “The Slim Shady LP” and then at 25, he released his magnus opus, “The Marshall Mathers LP” in 2000. After “The EMINƎM Show” in 2000, his work was criticized as being less multifarious than his previous efforts. Then he went on hiatus and signs of a comeback looked scarce. Then, he came back with a vengeance with last year’s “Relapse.” Now, he’s back again with its sequel Relapse 2, a schizoid work of art with tried-and-true hip-hop legendary producer Dr. Dre, Just Blaze, Denaun Porter, The Alchemist, a possible 50 Cent collaboration and a possible Mariah Carey diss record. He’s back!

2. TBA

Since his reign as a solo artist in music began in 2006, Ne-Yo has dropped more records than raindrops fall in the Amazon. Now, he’s back with a fourth effort that is expected to hit stores sometime in August with a song about relationship violence called “Heroes.” Hmm, we wonder where he gets his inspiration?

3. Block Party
Missy Elliot

As bad as it sounds, it’s great that Missy Elliot took the hint and went into seclusion for a while. After “Work It,” it appeared the rap star with the sci-fi mind was beginning to feel uninspired. Her first effort in five years, her follow up to “The Cookbook,” is sure to be a hit.

4. TBA

Hard at work on his currently untitled seventh studio album, he is working with “Whatever You Like” producer Jim Jonsin and R&B crooner Trey Songz to deliver what is expected to be one of the best releases of the year, made evident by his out-of-this-world album “Paper Trail.”

5. TBA
Amy Winehouse

Beehive blow-dried high, North Londoner Amy Winehouse left the world on the edges of their seats when she went into seclusion after her now universally acclaimed sophomore effort, “Back To Black.” Her Motown era album drew comparisons with fabulous 60s era girl group doo-wop, 90s neo-soul jazz and 50s rock and roll and Miss Winehouse became pop music’s leading offbeat diva. Now she’s back after being dropped from a Quincy Jones tribute album, she learned to tap the drums and has a few songs that Island co-president Darcus Beese says “floored” him. If that’s so, we’re ready for our trip to ‘rehab.’

6. TBA
J. Cole

Roc Nation poster boy J. Cole is now releasing his debut and after making cameos on celebrated mixtapes, Wale’s “Attention Deficit” and Jay-Z’s “The Blueprint 3”, it’s no wonder he’s on fire. His mixtape ‘The Warm Up” had many in a whirl! With steady confidence, Z-Boys skateboard hip-hop go-go beats from Pharrell and cameos from No I.D. and Syience, we’re sure his summer splash on the radio will showcase his profound T.K.O. raps, and may probably blow smoke under the bottoms of diehard Drake buffs.

7. How I Got Over
The Roots

The most ambitious and experimental hip-hop troupe in the game today, The Roots had the rap world cringing when they took on the trouser role of an NBC house band on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Their last effort, “Raising Down,” was a chandelier of political dogmas that ranged from compassionate to DEFCON-1 Virginia Tech killers, child soldiers in Sierra Leone or suicide bombers. This record, no doubt staying true to form, The Roots are tackling the presidencies of George W. Bush and Barack Obama. Plus, we’ll see cameos from Icelandic songbird Patty Crash and samples from Cody Chesnutt and Frank Zappa. Guaranteed to introduce a new style of music, this band will blow fuses.

8. Act II: Patents of Nobility
Jay Electronica

Erykah Badu’s beau has had the critics stark raving mad, and with a collaboration with Just Blaze, and cameos with Nas and Mos Def, this music amalgamation that is part EP, part mixtape, part video art project that was been long rumored is looking to drop in the next couple of months. And with Jay Electronica teasing that Eminem maybe spit on a track, we’re more than stoked.

9. Cudder: The Revolution of Evolution
Kid Cudi

Probably the most obscure album title of the year by GOOD Music pin-up Kid Cudi, expect a lively and upbeat second act to his stellar concept debut “Man On The Moon: The End of Day.” The Shaker Heights and Solon rookie has teamed up with the best in the business this time around with Snoop Dogg and Cage features, cuts by Kanye West and outrageous ghettoblaster beats by The Neptunes. Other rumored artists are Travis Barker of Blink-182 fame, post-punk pioneers Green Day, anthem rock cool kids Kings of Leon, Virginia rappers Clipse and smooth operator Robin Thicke. When he’s not doing rounds on the HBO show How to Make it in America, we’re sure to hear some excellent tunes no later than summertime.

10. TBA

Word on her fourth LP has been quite hush-hush, but whiplash dance diva Ciara is back, and as told by Tricky Stewart, it’s a return to her club banging “Goodies” phase and falsetto grown-folks-only “Promise” days. Working alongside her, The-Dream. Result: a promise to instant pop heaven.

11. TBA

It was only a few years ago when Britain’s neo-jazz renaissance salvo of soulful songstresses captivated the planet, and one by one by one, they dispersed and disappeared into the ether. Suddenly, just when the last flame on the candle seemed to blow out, they came back. First with the queen of quiet storm Sade and then coffeehouse chanteuse Corinne Bailey Rae. Expect another effort from Estelle, who confirmed a collaboration with David Guetta. Other artists that are rumored to be working in the mix are Keri Hilson, T-Pain, Ne-Yo, Mary J. Blige, RedOne, Lady Gaga, Polow da Don, Will.I.Am, Missy Elliot, Trey Songz, Jay-Z, The-Dream, and Lil Wayne. Either this is one hell of a tribute album or a smash hit in the making.

12. Love King

R&B go-to scribe The-Dream is back with “Love King.” In a way, this may be the end of a trilogy that began with 2007’s “Love/Hate” and 2009’s “Love Vs. Money,” which were sweeping successes. Collaborations with Los Da Mystro and Tricky Stewart polish the record. After wedding R&B princess Christina Milian last year, we’re pretty sure he will have plenty to say on his supposed ‘final album.’ Expect a single to hit radio real soon.

13. The R.E.D. Album

Game, the Compton rapper with the unbelievable sly talk makes a magnanimous West Coast rap return with his fourth album. He can’t fail either, he’s got an A-team of producers and cameos. Dr. Dre, Timbaland and Pharrell all signed on to help the rapper step his game up while singers Justin Timberlake, Chris Brown, Nicki Minaj and Gucci Mane stand back and admire his swagger.

14. Body
Jamie Foxx

There is little known about Jamie Foxx’s fourth album, though it may come out in early spring. Foxx has told sources that he plans to take people “straight to the dance floor” with this one, which features Lil Wayne and Gucci Mane.

15. Last Train To Paris

Here’s the scoop of the Bad Boy mogul: his latest effort is a concept piece about a star-crossed romance set to ‘electro hip-hop soul funk.’ Will it be good? Maybe, maybe not. Will there be a single worth hearing? If you’re asking the latter, then check out 2006’s “Press Play.” You’re guaranteed to hear at least one radio smash.

Written by Marcus Scott

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